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Please note: Blackout dates are from March - June 2021

(Sofia is getting married!)




Send your stylist more, not less. We love to look at the wedding theme, colors, dress style, and flower ideas that you have. All of these help us design a look that is unique to you on your wedding day.


Find a picture of yourself when you felt the most beautiful and share that with us!


Book a trial 1-2 months prior to the wedding. If you're shopping around, Schedule several trials over the months leading up to the wedding. Pro tip: coordinate your trial date with bridal portraits, a wedding shower, or engagement photos.​


If we're servicing your bridal party, it's helpful to have a headshot of each bridesmaid or MOB/MOG. That way we can plan a getting ready schedule for you the day of your wedding. Also, make sure to let us know their preferred style!


Ultimately, when you're picking hair + makeup styles, choose what makes you look and feel the best! 


I always always always recommend false lashes. They amplify and complete any bridal look! If you want to take a look at the ones I use, check out @k1cosmetics. And if you're still unsure about them, that's what a trial is for!